Bulk Mulch Product Information
As a wholesale landscape supplier in Northeast Wisconsin our landscaping mulch products are offered in bulk form for delivery or pick up. Using specialized live floor trailers we make landscape supply deliveries throughout Wisconsin and upper Michigan. Below you will find our environmentaly friendly wood mulching products. Call or contact us to inquire about wood products that are available or different options in each category. Visit our Educational Information or FAQ pages for more information on landscaping mulch.

r Enhanced Mulch
Color enhanced mulch offers better UV-resistance than regular mulch and adds a unique decorative appeal. An easy way to ensure color coordination is by using colored mulch ― it brings new dimensions of color to curb appeal for lawns and gardens. Colored mulch will typically maintain its color for one to two seasons and is safe for children, pets, and the environment. Color mulch selections include but are not limited to brown, red, gold, and black.

Premium Colored Bark Mulch

This is a new product that TLB is featuring—it is our Mixed bark sent through diamond screens to create a hairier appearance and then dyed dark brown.  It offers UV-resistance, is safe for children, pets and the environment, has a great deal of nutrition for plants, offers great curb appeal, helps conserve water, suppress weeds as well as moderating soil temperature. 
Bottom line this product is the best of both worlds… It offers the same coverage that everyone loves about our mixed bark and the beautiful deep dark brown color of our chocolate brown.

Shredded Mixed Bark Mulch
Shredded hardwood bark contains a great deal of nutrition for plants and as it decomposes it can greatly improve the soil in a garden. This shredded material is a softer and naturally darker mulch that conserves water, suppresses weeds, and moderates soil temperatures. Bark mulch compacts over times and holds its place making it superior for use on sloped areas.

Cedar M
Shredded cedar mulch creates an airy, light layer over soil. Its fine texture works best with smaller plants such as annuals and perennials. The resins in cedar mulch emit a pleasant scent. Cedar mulch can repel insects.

Natural Wood Mulch
Natural wood mulch is undyed shredded wood mulch is a natural light brown color, the same color you’d find under the bark of a tree. Natural wood mulch is made up of wood fiber and does not contain bark. It is used as ground cover, erosion protection, high traffic cover, and moist area ground cover due to its absorption and drainage abilities. You will often find it in walk ways or tree nurseries.

Playground Material
Playground material provides fall-protection through the composition of shredded wood chips and its fines. Wood fines, the smallest particles of the material, sink to the bottom and create a soft bedding for the larger pieces on top. This natural “layering” provides buoyancy that cushions the impact of a fall and may prevent injury.
Many people don’t know this—but we offer 3 different types:
 <Shredded Playground  
 Chipped Playground> 

 <Certified Playground

Pine Bark Mulch
Pine bark mulch is peeled from the tree, then ground to be a consistent size. It conserves water, suppresses weeds, and moderates soil temperatures. The slight acidity of pine bark is ideal for Azaleas, Gardenias and other plants. Pine bark makes a beautiful finishing touch.

Pine Fines
Pine Fines are a very finely screened pine bark. They are an excellent soil amendment and potting/blending medium, helping aeration and permeation of water and nutrients in soil. Being organic themselves, they add nutrients and encourage beneficial organisms in soil and/or potting mix. Most major “brand” potting mixes/soil enrichments are made with 60% pine fines!

Nursery Stock
Offers great natural coverage on walking, hiking or riding trails/paths and can be used for many other uses too!  This is not a mulch substitute, it is more of a compost and wood/brush mix.  As such, it offers great soil protection, often nits together making it less inclined to wash away during heavy rains and over time, and composts naturally—so it’s environmentally friendly.  This is why many nursery’s use it for mounding and healing in plants/trees

Here at TLB, we are always on the look out for new materials and different types of materials are becoming available all the time, contact us today if you have source available or for the different options TLB has for you!

TLB Companies is comprised of TLB Wood Products LLC, TLB Transit Inc, and DSO Enterprises. TLB Wood Products LLC is a supplier of mulch, animal sawdust, shavings, and bedding, and biomass / boiler fuel. TLB Wood Products LLC delivers to the Fox Valley and surrounding areas. TLB Transit Inc is a local transportation company that provides delivery service for TLB Wood Products and also specializes in hauling dry freight throughout the Midwest. DSO Enterprises offers warehouse storage space at our Seymour, WI location, located in Northeastern Wisconsin which is just north of Appleton and west of Green Bay.